St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

Synopsis: The Tour de France is on this month. The athletes who compete in this grueling 2,200-mile multi-stage race over the course of 21 days (plus two days of rest!) drain every last bit of strength from their bodies. Of course, their training regimen matches the intensity required by a season of multi-stage races like the Tour de France all over Europe, their training regimen includes very slow off days to give their bodies time to heal and rejuvenate. As it turns out, all-out training is actually counter-productive.  

Life works a lot like that as well. The story of Martha (working like crazy to get everything just right for Jesus’ visit) and Mary (sitting at Jesus’ feet, drinking in his presence), is not actually a story about choosing one or the other way to live, but balance between creativity and Sabbath. Both Mary and Martha love Jesus in active, valuable ways, and it is this love that is the one thing necessary. Nothing in life responds very well to an all or nothing approach. Balance between pushing hard and basking takes us farther.