St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 19, 2018

St. Petersburg Men's Ensemble

St. Paul's--Look What You Did!
Your church hosted a terrific event and people from Wilmington, Delaware City, Newark and other communities were welcomed into our space as we enjoyed the fantastic music by the St. Petersburg Men's Ensemble. People are talking about YOUR church! "Where did you all find them?" "How did they get to Odessa?" "This was wonderful!"  
Meet our new friends and brothers in Christ:
You brought the world to Odessa! Vadim, Eugune, Alexandre and Kirill provided classical, Russian sacred and Russian folk music with professionalism and fun to our guests.
Eugene, Kirill, Pastor T, Vadim and Alexandre after the concert
CD's anyone? Kirill and Vadim offer our guests an opportunity to listen to the Ensemble 24-7
The crowd lingered to visit with our guests and one another. Thanks to everyone who brought the scrumptious and luscious cookies. What a wonderful gathering!
Many thanks to our sponsors: Heidi Allen, Noel Boseman, Mark & Sue Holden, Kenzel & Gene Messick, Harry & Helen McNatt and Greg & Susan Wills and their families! And gratefully we thank David & Carol Pearl, Alice & Harvey Smith and Janet & Charlii Miller for hosting our guests.